Mission Statement

“Truth Will Prevail is concerned with truth. As such, we attempt to correct misinformation about the Mormon Corporation, currently trading under the registered trademark of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“We are pro-truth not anti-Mormon. To the extent that this organisation deliberately misinforms the public and its own members, we consider it to be ‘anti-truth’.

“We are extremely concerned about damage to families caused by the deliberate misinformation put out by the Mormon Corporation.”

9 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. I would love to see heavy emphasis put on the concept of “Celestial Hostage Taking,” that is to say, when one spouse chooses to stop believing, yet continues to fake belief because of the concept of Eternal Families.

    The still-believing spouse will have lost their opportunity to go to Top Tier Heaven. The children will be told that their other parent doesn’t love them enough to want to be with them for Eternity. The parents of the former believer will shame him or her because they have eternally lost a child to the wiles of Satan.

    The spouse continues to fake belief. A requirement of this is to pay tithing so that when children are born or baptized or ordained, the father is still worthy to perform his necessary priesthood function and avoid the accusative imaginations of his friends and family.

    Twenty extra years could go by with someone trapped in a religion they no longer believe in, because the teaching of “Families are Forever” will undoubtedly tear this family apart.

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  2. I hope this goes from strength to strength and will be a thorn in the side of the lds corporation . Wishing you much success in enlightening the world

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  3. Thank You for these excellent informative articles, I shall pass them on. By the way, out of seven members of our family only one remains as a member to this corporation.

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