Historical Significance

It is most appropriate and highly significant that we chose this day to announce to the world the establishment of the new organisation ‘Truth Will Prevail’.

22 July 2014, marks the 177th anniversary of the first Mormon missionaries arriving in the market square of Preston.

They arrived just a month after the young Victoria had been proclaimed queen on June 20 1837 and now the country was in the middle of the preparations for a national general election for all members of Parliament.

The newly arrived Mormon missionaries were encouraged in their ambitions to establish the Church in Britain as they read one of the election banners which said ‘Truth Will Prevail’.

Heber C.Kimball recorded the following spectacle:
“I never witnessed anything like it in my life.  Bands of music playing.  Flags flying in all directions.  Thousands of men, women and children parading the streets, decked with ribbons characteristic of the politics of the several candidates.  Anyone accustomed to the peaceable and quiet manner in which the elections in America are conducted, can scarcely have any idea of an election as carried on in England.  One of the flags was unrolled before us, nearly over our heads, the moment the coach reach its destination, having on it the following motto: ‘Truth will Prevail,’ in large gilt letters.  It being so very seasonable, and the sentiment being so very appropriate to us in our situation , we cried aloud, ‘Amen!  Thanks be to God, Truth will Prevail!’ ”  Heber C. Kimball, Saturday 22 July, 1837.  4 PM  (Whitney, p. 122)

Orson Hyde confirms this event:
While standing in Preston by our luggage, on the sidewalk, having sent one of our number to find lodgings, we were casting over in our minds what might be the result of our mission in this country. Thus lost in silent meditation upon the future, a very large banner was at that moment brought out of the hotel near where we stood, carried into the middle of the street before us, and then unfurled in the breeze, displaying upon its brilliant and dazzling folds, in large golden letters, “Truth Will Prevail.” (Barron, p. 172)

After 177 years of the lies, half-truths and deception from Mormonism we have now established this organisation ‘Truth Will Prevail’ in order to set the record straight, and help all those who are suffering and held hostage by this corporation as it masquerades as a church.

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