Who We Are

Truth Will Prevail Limited
Is a Not For Profit Company

Management Team:
Thomas Phillips
Christopher Ralph
Sophia Ralph
Stephen Bloor
Ron Stewart

Company Registration number: 9090695

3 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. If you have decided that the LDS Church is not for you, why do you not just walk away and start your own instead of constantly attacking it? In your own church you can teach what you wish, ordain women, the whole world is open to you to do as you wish.

    It seems to me that you seek more to work against something you have left than seek your own way. As your website so ironically states: “Truth Will Prevail” – and indeed it will.

    Well did our Savior say that once a devil has been cast out he returns with seven more devils worse than himself.

    Mark Fahey


    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for your questions.

      They are the same questions I used to ask as a faithful believing member, particularly in the last seven years whilst dealing with apostates from the Church when I served as bishop.

      The problem for believing members of the Church in understanding why former members act the way they do is really just down to a perspective and being fed the lies about the reasons “why people leave” from the leadership.
      As I believing member I could not even begin to imagine the real reasons my friends and relatives left the Church until I had the courage to answer affirmatively the simple question “if the Church wasn’t true would I want to know?”
      Only then did I have a mind open enough to view the truths my subconscious mind was hiding from me.
      I’m answering this as a person who was totally committed to the Church and what I believed at the time was it’s leader Jesus Christ.
      I have since come to painfully realise I was wrong and now I’ve accepted my mistake I feel a massive surge of compassion for those I’ve left behind. My friends and family still enduring life in a Church which is sucking them dry.
      If you are a truth seeker, if truth matters more than your own opinion, then you too will be amazed at the truth that will enhance your understanding and give you more freedom than you can conceive of as you open your mind to the possibility that the Church is not what you think it is.
      Yes, at first, it will make you really angry that you could ever have been so gullible, but then, as you discover yourself anew, you will be so grateful that someone took the time and effort to bring these things to your attention that you too will want to shout it from the rooftops and reach out in love to others.
      With best regards and hope for the future,
      Please take a look at:


    • I often use a parable to illustrate why I Don’t accept the “you have left the church but you can’t leave the church alone” argument

      A man goes to a private doctor who tells him he has a terminal illness. The doctor further tells the man that though the illness is incurable, he the doctor can treat the symptoms and keep the patient alive indefinitely, but it will cost. The price is to pay the doctor a monthly fee amounting to 10% of the patients’ income and to have a strict adherence to a diet and lifestyle plan prescribed by the doctor.
      Time goes by and the man marries and has children, the doctor then tells the man he has infected his family and that they too must now submit to the same course of treatment for life at the same cost.
      On his 40th birthday the man is in a car accident and while in hospital demands his medication, a doctor in the hospital tells him the medication is sugar pills and that he is perfectly healthy. The man will not believe his doctor and demands that his private GP be sent for. The hospital staff then tell him no such doctor exists and that the man he is asking for is a convicted fraudster.
      Now knowing that he has been the victim of a con the man ceases paying the bent GP and stops taking the medicine, as does his family. None of them die, when they confront the fake Doctor, he tells them it is a miracle and only goes to prove how effective his medicine has been.
      The man and his wife decide to spend the rest of their lives discrediting the thieving doctor and freeing other people from his clutches, However many fellow patients claim he has no right to do this as they insist they are happy to keep paying and feel better for the pointless and expensive treatment and because they enjoy the company of each other and their fake doctor.

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